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Mental health is a hard topic for discussion, but with the sobering statistics (NAMI) that suicide is the second leading cause of death of people ages 10-34, it's well overdue. Rev. Dr. King said, "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter." Thank you, Ladies, for using your platform to initiate awareness, in hopes of saving llives. Well done.

There's Power in Truth Telling

This episode was amazing! You all nailed it! Mature Relationships! Raw! Exhilarating! Relatable! Emotional and Hilarious! I truly enjoyed this episode. Shoutout to Susan! Hearing you candidly speak concerning your relationship experience had a positive impact. I have walked in your shoes. Your honesty has empowered and encouraged me to speak my truth. Thank you for sharing your strength. I am excited to hear more from you all. Congratulations! Well done! .

Mature Love

Great episode ladies, Susan I need to talk to your therapist. 😆 🤣

Hilarious and touching!

This podcast was excellent. I look forward to upcoming episodes!


I love this podcast. The content is so relatable and the presence and connection of these four friends is felt through the mic- as if you’re right there with them. I’ll be tuning in each week. Can’t wait for the next one!

Wonderful podcast!

I absolutely enjoyed the podcast! The down to earth, nonjudgmental spirit of the group really came across. All four voices gave an individual sister friend vibe. Thank you for the back story and taking the listeners to the beach! I look forward to future podcasts and the intriguing conversations that will come with them!

Four Kindred Spirits

The podcast was awesome! You four women are awesome! Friendly voices and genuine love! There is much uniqueness and value in black women fostering life long relationships. I enjoyed the podcast and I'm excited to hear more!

What You Say. Inspirational!!

It’s refreshing to see and hear women connect on a relational, spiritual, and emotional level. Relationships require openness, truthfulness, and vulnerability. It is evident that these four souls move in that space! Congratulations Sisterfriends! Looking forward to taking the journey and experiencing the evolution that produced unbreakabke Soulties! Thank you for Saving Me A Seat at The Table!