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Imani Stamper, MBA, CPA, CTPProfile Photo

Imani Stamper, MBA, CPA, CTP

Founder and CEO

My name is Imani Stamper and I am a CPA and CTP in, both, NY and NJ. I began my career in the public accounting world, working in investment banking for one of the Big 4. Since then, I've spent most of my career in the private sector; more specifically consumer product good organizations. I've worked for several billion dollar multinational corporations, in an array of roles. After many years in the corporate accounting space, I've ventured into the financial advising space. I am the founder and CEO of IS Financial Group; a business which focuses on providing adequate bookkeeping and financial advisement to small businesses, nonprofit organizations and regular people.

Money, Money, Money!

Jan. 15, 2023

Money, money, money-let's talk about it! What are your spending and budgeting habits? Are you meeting your financial goals? Are you prepared to buy that house, car, or for a financial bump in the road? Is retirement around t…