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The Check In!

May 15, 2023

The Four Souls co-hosts are back for another episode. We are simply calling this episode the Check-in? So Souls…can we check-in? We are taking some time to check-in and make sure our sisters are ok! This episode is short an…

About the Hosts

Kimberly ClarkProfile Photo

Kimberly Clark


*Mom, Sista-Gurl, Committed Life Partner
*Kindness is my love language; I get it from my Momma!
*Plant-based enthusiast
*My daydreams are filled with far-away places
* I laugh often, long and loud
*I'm a seeker so you know I'm a Sag!

Susan LockhartProfile Photo

Susan Lockhart


*Mom, Sister, Friend, Partner
*Let's talk about it!
*At home chef, entrepreneur and still figuring things out
*Serenity, positive energy and time with myself keeps me whole
*Be careful what you ask me, ye shall receive!
*Scorpio...come fly with me!

Allison LockhartProfile Photo

Allison Lockhart


*Wife, Daughter, Sister, Auntie, Friend, Caregiver
*Spirit guided and Led
*Serenity, please! Take me to the beach, walking and Pilates
*Constantly developing myself
*Encourager, Influencer, Creator
*I'm a Sag...independent, kind and so much more

Toshamalla McCloudProfile Photo

Toshamalla McCloud


*Wife, Mom, Sister, Friend
*Exploring my mind, body and spiritual wellness journey
*Serial entrepreneur with a corporate gig
*Turquoise water and sun helps restore my peace
*Guilty pleasure - HGTV (I love demo day!)
*Hold the water, I'll have prosecco!
*Scorpio, you know what that means